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Ana Vodišek

Ana Vodišek lives, breathes and dreams dance. After starting her career in Maribor, her home town, she moved to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. She is the hip hop coach in dance school Bolero and in just a few years she has brought many of her dancers to win the National, European and World Championships in the International Dance Organisation (IDO). She also taught in the US at Milllenium Dance Center with her friend and choreographer Nika Kljun.

Ana is primarily a hip hop dancer and choreographer, but also tries to incorporate other dance styles into her creations. She studied ballet and salsa in Miami and contemporary in Oklahoma. As a competitor she won the National and World Championship in street dance solo female adults in 2009 and many other titles in street dance and hip hop in small groups and formations for many years. She was also the winner of Dance Star in Slovenia (Plesna Zvezda), a latin reality competition, that got her a flight ticket to New York.

As a dancer and choreographer she received many awards for her work from the National Dance Organisation of Slovenia (Best Dancer, Best Choreographer, Best Sportsman). She likes to experiment with new dimensions and dares to think outside of the box.

Most of all she teaches her students to dance with all their heart, to enjoy it, to live it, because it is so much more than just a competition. Dancing is a way of life, a road to heal your wounds and a path to a better future.




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